Body Composition Testing

Access Allied Health providing detailed body composition testing

Access Allied Health is pleased to be able to offer body composition testing with our InBody Body Composition Analyser.  A body composition test measures the amount of water, fat and lean muscle in your body and is important to provide a clear picture of your health status.  The test itself is quick, easy and gives some very precise measures.  All our staff have completed the Inbody training course and are certified operators which means you get a consistent, high quality scan every time!

Why do I need a body composition test?

Weight alone, along with height to weight ratios (i.e. BMI) are not true indicators of health as they do not distinguish fat weight from lean weight. Using proven technology, our clinicians regularly test body composition to determine the effectiveness of our dietary recommendations. 

What's involved in the test?

After a few preparatory steps, the test itself takes less than one minute to complete and results are available immediately.  

Will body composition testing be a regular part of my dietitian consultations?

In most cases, particularly when assisting clients in their weight management goals, body composition testing occurs as part of our regular dietitian consultations.  Usually, body composition testing will be offered at your first review appointment and at each subsequent appointment.  This ensures appropriate preparation and allows sufficient time to complete the assessment and discuss the results. When conducted as part of your regular dietitian appointments, there is no additional fee for body composition testing. 


Can I get a scan without a dietitian consultation?

Yes you can! We have a permanent Body Scan Analyser setup at our Buderim Clinic which can be accessed for a fee.  Give our clinic a call to organise a time and our staff will be more than happy to carry out your scan.