For GP’s or Specialists

EPC Referrals

For patient’s with a chronic disease and who are on a chronic disease management plan, complete an EPC referral, outlining how many dietitian appointments are being requested. Fax the referral form to 1300 307 009.  We offer bulk billing to all patient's with an EPC referral.

DVA Referrals

For patients who have a DVA gold card, or a white card with an accepted disability complete the DO904 referral form (available online). Please fax the form to 1300 307 009.  DVA health cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.

Patients not Eligible for an EPC or DVA Referral

Patient’s who would benefit from a dietitian appointment but aren’t eligible for an EPC or DVA, can phone us directly on 1300 307 008 to book an appointment. 

Our Locations

We practice in a range of locations on the Sunshine Coast and in Gympie.  See our Clinic Locations for our nearest clinic to you.