Telehealth Service  

Access Allied Health provides individual dietitian consultations as well as group based lifestyle interventions via Telehealth.  When in person consultations are unfeasible we are able to offer effective dietary advice and support across the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and beyond. 

What is Telehealth?

Our telehealth consultations are conducted either over the phone or via video link, where you can see and hear your dietitian in real time..  This is a new and exciting service that allows you to access your dietitian consultations from the comfort of your own home.   

Telehealth is easy

Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email and / or text message providing a link to a video consultation.  Should you wish to connect this way, simply click the link at the time of your appointment to connect directly with your dietitian via video.  Please note, you will need internet access and an appropriate digital device (e.g. smart phone, desktop or laptop computer or tablet) to connect. 

Alternatively, you can simply wait by the phone for your dietitian to call you at your booked appointment time.

After a telehealth consultation, a summary of the dietary advice you received as well as any supporting handouts (including written individualised meal plans, food choice suggestions, food and exercise diaries and goal setting activities) will be emailed or posted to you to help confirm and articulate your dietitian's recommendations.

Telehealth is Effective

Numerous scientific studies provide evidence that telehealth consultations result in positive health outcomes for patients.  Telehealth consultations allow you to continue to access our dietitian’s extensive knowledge and experience should remote contact be necessary.  Our expert team can also instruct you and / or your carers to take accurate measurements which will assist in monitoring your progress and provide feedback at follow up telehealth consultations. 

Telehealth is important

When physical movement is restricted maintaining health and wellbeing both physically and mentally is an imperative.  The Australian Government has outlined a number of recommendations for staying well throughout times of social distancing including eating well, staying active and seeking support.  As dietitians, we take our role seriously, not only in providing effective dietary advice but also in supporting overall wellbeing.

Telehealth is free for all eligible referrals

Anyone with a current EPC referral from their GP will be bulked billed (i.e. no out-of-pocket costs) for telehealth consultations.  This also applies to DVA gold card, and some white card, holders with appropriate referrals from their GP.

Additionally, eligible participants have access to free group-based, telehealth support through the State Government’s, ‘My Health for Life’ program.  Check your eligibility for this effective program by completing a health check here.

Should you not be eligible for any of these fully-funded programs, please contact us on 1300 307 008 to discuss any potential costs associated with telehealth.

"Worth the Weight" celebrations

For patients who access our telehealth dietitian consultations, a free, in- person health check will be made available to you once social distancing restrictions ease.  These health checks, affectionately known as ‘Worth the Weight!’ celebrations, enable us to measure weight, waist and hip circumferences and blood pressure as well as conduct a body composition analysis.

Worth the Weight!” celebrations are held when in-person consultation is possible and allows opportunity to celebrate your achievements as you’ve sought our expert dietary advice through telehealth consultations.

Should you have any questions regarding telehealth or our ‘Worth the Weight’ celebrations, please contact us on 1300 307 008.